Freddy Krueger Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Freddy Krueger Tux

Freddy Krueger Tux 1, 2… Freddy’s coming for you3, 4… Better lock your door5, 6… Grab your crucifix7, 8… Better stay up late9, 10… Never sleep again! Measures approx.:Height: 17.5 cm/ 6.9 inches from bottom to the tip of the hat. Your questions are welcome! Freddy Krueger Tux 1, 2… Freddy está vieniendo por tí3, […]

Santa Tux and his Elves – Amigurumi Pattern

Santa Tux and Elves

Santa Tux and his Elves Have you been a good crocheter this year??? If you have, you deserve to have Santa Tux and his Elves at home for this Christmas 🙂 Measures approx.:Santa Tux: 12 cm/ 4.7 inches without hatElves: 6 cm/ 2.35 inches without hat Your questions are welcome! Noel Tux y sus Duendes […]

The Good, The Bad and The Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

The Good The Bad and The Tux

The Good, The Bad and The Tux Clint Tux is a huge fan of Clint Eastwood and loves western movies! He rides his pony from town to town and “for a few dollars more” he can ride into your home 😉 Measures aprox:Clint Tux: 14 cm (with hat)Pony: 10 cm Your questions are welcome! El […]

Spartan Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Spartan Tux

Spartan Tux The legend was wrong…there were 301 spartans 🙂 Measures aprox:Height: 12 cm (without the helmet’s plume) Your questions are welcome! Tux Espartano La leyenda estaba equivocada…habían 301 espartanos 🙂 Medidas aprox.:Alto: 12 cms (sin las plumas del casco) Sus consultas son bienvenidas! Pictures

Hawaiian Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Hawaiian Tux

Hawaiian Tux Tux the Penguin, is the official mascot of the Linux Kernel.This cute mascot is very popular on the internet. Also, many people put different customs to it, making their own versions of Tux. I want to introduce you to Hawaiian Tux, my first amigurumi Tux (from many, I hope). I hope you enjoy […]