Cynder, The Dragon – Amigurumi Pattern

Cynder the Dragon

Cynder, The Dragon This cute dragon was inspired in Cynder, one of the characters from The Legend of Spyro and is a perfect gift for any dragon enthusiast! If you love dragons or are a big fan of Dawn of the Dragon, now you can crochet your own Cynder with this DeliciousCrochet pattern 🙂 Measures […]

Cordelia, The Cobra Snake – Amigurumi Pattern

Cordelia The Cobra Snake

Cordelia, The Cobra Snake Revered and feared, but always attractive, the Cobra Snake has always captivated humans. Its unique look and personality are never unnoticed. There are many emotions you may feel when faced with a Cobra. Fear or panic may be one of them. But with the necessary precautions, you would have no problems. […]

Gemini, The Two-Headed Dragon – Amigurumi Pattern

Two Headed Dragon

Gemini, The Two-Headed Dragon Why would you have to choose crocheting just one amigurumi, when you can crochet two at the same time instead?Crochet an extrovert pal, and get another a bit more shy…Crochet a wild pal, and get another a bit more serious…Crochet a smart pal, and get another a bit more silly…Crochet this […]

Coco, The Stegosaurus – Amigurumi Pattern

Coco The Stegosaurus

Coco, The Stegosaurus Are you really tired of traditional pets? Don’t worry! Surprise your family and neighbours with this cute stegosaurus…it won’t only get your newspaper in the mornings, but it will fill you with love and tenderness while you’re crocheting it 🙂 Measures approx.:7 inches tall14 inches long Your questions are welcome! Coco, El […]

Baby Triceratops – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Triceratops

Baby Triceratops Do you think the horns of a triceratops are dangerous? If you still do is because you haven’t seen this baby’s gentil eyes! you can run away but this won’t stop your heart from falling for this sweet and tender jurassic baby 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 7.5 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Triceratops […]

Baby Croco – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Croco

Baby Croco Are you tired of traditional pets? All dogs and cats look just the same for you? All you need is this baby crocodile in your backyard, who will be as guardian as a dog but will only have milk as a kitten 🙂 This fun project includes the directions to create this croco, […]

JJ, The Fire Dragon – Amigurumi Pattern

JJ The Fire Dragon

JJ, The Fire Dragon From Far Far Away along came JJ, the Fire Dragon, to breathe-fire love into your heart. If you are a fairy-tales buff, don’t wait any longer and start crocheting this charming creature to be your friend forever! Measures approx.:Height: 17 cm/ 6.7 inchesLenght: 55 cm/ 21.6 inches Your questions are welcome! […]

T-Rex – Amigurumi Pattern


T-Rex Is your back yard big enough to shelter another pet????? Don’t be afraid of the mean look on his face, because this t-rex is very sweet and gentile. And he won’t bite you either, unless you forget to feed him with lots of love and hugs 🙂 Measures approx.:25 cm/ 9.85 inches tall Your […]

Baby Pterosaur – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Pterosaur

Baby Pterosaur Breaking News!!!!A baby pterosaur has been found and he’s looking for a new mommy!!!! If you’re willing to give this cutie a new home, full of love and care, now is your chance to do so! With this crochet pattern, you can have this Jurassic baby at home in a snap! Measures approx.:Height: […]

Froggy Fred – Amigurumi Pattern

Froggy Fred

Froggy Fred Don’t keep on kissing frogs that will never become a prince! Crochet this cute froggy and he will become the King of your home! Measures approx.:Height: 17 cm Your questions are welcome! Sapito Fred No sigas besando sapos que nunca se convertirán en prĂ­ncipes! Teje este simpático sapito y se convertirá en el […]

Baby Turtle – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Turtle

Baby Turtle My heart is bigger than my shell. The speed doesn´t scare me, just makes me feel dizzy. I love lettuce, but I prefer a cheese burger. I’m not so fast, but in a few hours I can be with you and stay forever 🙂 Measures aprox.:Baby Turtle: 15cmLawn: 30 cm (diameter) Your questions […]