Little Monkey – Amigurumi Pattern

Little Monkey

Little Monkey This little monkey is the perfect gift for any animal lover. He is so sweet and gentle and looks adorable with his big round eyes! If you LOVE monkeys or have a monkey’s lover in your life, this is the perfect pattern for you. So pick up your … Read more

Lenny, The Lemur – Amigurumi Pattern

Lenny The Lemur

Lenny, The Lemur From the exotic lands of Madagascar, here comes this cute ring-tailed buddy to bring joy and laughter to your home…are you going to miss it? Measures approx.:11.4 inches in standing position8.5 inches in sitting position Your questions are welcome! Lenny, El Lemur De las éxoticas tierras de … Read more

Chuck, The Monkey – Amigurumi Pattern

Chuck The Monkey

Chuck, The Monkey Chuck is a curious little monkey. It doesn’t seem so smart, but it has a wonderful heart and will do your afternoons more enterteining than ever 🙂 Measures aprox.Height: 22 cm Your questions are welcome! Chuck, El Mono Chuck es un monito curioso. No parece muy listo, … Read more

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