Peppermint, The Pegasus – Amigurumi Pattern

Peppermint The Pegasus

Peppermint, The Pegasus Looking for bringing more style into your life? Don’t keep on buying expensive dresses or jewelery, leave your Mercedes into the garage and go riding around your neighborhood on this fancy Pegasus! Measures approx.:8.5 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Peppermint, El Pegaso Busca darle un poco de estilo a su vida? […]

Heather, The Pony – Amigurumi Pattern

Heather The Pony

Heather, The Pony Heather is a cute and sweet pony and her size makes it perfect for a little girl, or why not, for her mommy!If you have a cowgirl at home or in your heart, this pattern is perfect for you 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 8.7 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Heather, The Pony […]

Looney Mule – Amigurumi Pattern

Looney Mule

Looney Mule The first time that I saw the emule software’s logo, I totally felt in love with that sweet but crazy little mule. Now I finally made it for myself 🙂 and wrote down the pattern. I hope you like it! Measures aprox.:Height: 24 cm (including the ears) Your questions are welcome! Mulita Loca […]

The Good, The Bad and The Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

The Good The Bad and The Tux

The Good, The Bad and The Tux Clint Tux is a huge fan of Clint Eastwood and loves western movies! He rides his pony from town to town and “for a few dollars more” he can ride into your home 😉 Measures aprox:Clint Tux: 14 cm (with hat)Pony: 10 cm Your questions are welcome! El […]