Pierre, The Chef Pig – Amigurumi Pattern

Pierre The Chef Pig

Pierre, The Chef Pig Some ounces of yarn and stuffing, a teaspoon of craftiness, a pinch of enthusiasm and ability, lots of love and this DeliciousCrochet pattern, are the perfect ingredients to crochet this sweet chef-piglet. Measures approx.:11.5 inches tall (hat not included) Your questions are welcome! Pierre, El Cocinerito … Read more

El Mariachi – Amigurumi Pattern

El Mariachi

El Mariachi You just cannot sing?Do you have a tin throat?Your last serenade didn’t work as expected?Don’t wait any longer and turn to an expert. Crushes guaranteed!!! Measures approx.:Cactus: 11 inches tall.Guitar: 8 inches tall. Your questions are welcome! El Mariachi ¿No sabe cantar?¿Tiene la garganta de lata?¿Su última serenata … Read more

Frosty, The Snowman – Amigurumi Pattern

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty, The Snowman Love to play in the snow, but you’re so cozy and warm inside your home that you just won’t come out? No problem! Now you can crochet your own snowman without getting cold in your garden. And no melts, it’s guaranteed 🙂 Measures approx.:7 inches tall Your … Read more

Garden Gnome – Amigurumi Pattern

Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome Who says that gnomes and fairies are just part of bedtime stories? If you are young at heart and that little child is still inside of you, bring some magic into your life with this cute little buddy and he will certainly bring you luck and well being … Read more

Barn Owl – Amigurumi Pattern

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Barn owls are meant to be mates for life! So, if you are looking for a lifetime companion, this is your chance to crochet this cute little bird who will keep you companied forever:) Measures approx.:6.3 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Lechuza de Campanario Las Lechuzas de … Read more

Christmas Tree and Presents – Amigurumi Pattern

Christmas Tree and Presents

Christmas Tree and Presents Christmas is coming along really fast!! It’s time to start decorating your home and office. This fuzzy Christmas tree is decorated with different kinds of ornaments, and it also has tiny presents under it. It will look fabulous on your Christmas table or in any place … Read more

Vladimir, The Bat – Amigurumi Pattern

Vladimir The Bat

Vladimir, The Bat If your nights are too long, who could be a better companion that this little bat who loves the night 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 23 cm (from feet to the top of the ears) Your questions are welcome! Vladimir, El Murciélago Si tus noches son demasiado largas, que … Read more

Mini Tea Set – Amigurumi Pattern

Mini Tea Set

Mini Tea Set With this Miniature Tea Set your little princess can give her dolls a Tea Party in her doll’s house 🙂 This set includes pattern for tea pot, sugar pot, teacup, plate, cupcakes’ plate and cupcackes. Measures aprox:Tea pot: 8.5 cmSugar pot: 5.5 cmTeacup: 2.5 cmPlate: 4.5 cm … Read more

Eggs in a Basket – Amigurumi Pattern

Eggs is a Basket

Eggs in a Basket This wonderful set includes the patterns for: basket, eggs, chicks and little color eggs. Measures aprox:Basket: 14 cmEggs and chicks: 7 cmLittle color eggs: 3.5 cm Your questions are welcome! Canasta de Huevos Este maravilloso set incluye los patrones de: canasta, huevos, pollitos y huevitos de … Read more

Mushroom House – Amigurumi Pattern

Mushroom House

Mushroom House What can I say, I was a Smurfs’ fan when I was a kid 🙂 So, inspired in those cute little creatures I made this Mushroom house. Hope you like it! Measures aprox:Height: 22 cm Your questions are welcome! Casita Hongo Que puedo decir, era fanática de los … Read more

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 – Amigurumi Pattern

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 You will get 3 amigurumi patterns to crochet: Flowerpot and Bee Lilly Baby Butterfly Beeby Baby Bee Your questions are welcome! DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 Usted obtendrá 3 patrones amigurumi para tejer al crochet: – Maceta con flor y abejita– Lilly Mariposita Bebé– Beeby Abejita Bebé Sus consultas … Read more

Tea Set – Amigurumi Pattern

Tea Set

Tea Set This Tea Set is excellent as a gift for a little girl, or why not, for her mommy 🙂 Spend your afternoons in your garden having tea and cookies with friends and relatives. This set includes pattern for tea pot, sugar pot, teacup, plate, cookie bowl and 3 … Read more

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