Angelo, The Angelfish – Amigurumi Pattern

Angelo The Angelfish

Angelo, The Angelfish Have you ever dreamed of having a zebra?…Well, keep on dreaming because this time we wish to introduce you to Angelo, an Angelfish, who has nothing to do with zebras, but has a cute little striped body 🙂 Measures approx.:9 inches tall10 inches long Your questions are welcome! Angelo, El Pez Angel […]

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal – Amigurumi Pattern

Sir Nicolas The Narwhal

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal Narwhals must be one of the most rare and fascinating sea creatures. Acording to Inuit mythology, the narwhals were created when a woman, who was hunting whales, was dragged into the ocean after her harpoon had struck a large animal. Then, she was transformed into a narwhal herself, and her hair […]

Bottlenose Dolphin – Amigurumi Pattern

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin This sweet and gentle sea-creature comes right from the ocean to your home!! If you LOVE dolphins or have a dolphin’s lover in your life, this is the perfect pattern for you. So pick up your crochet hook and start enjoying this cute friend 🙂 Measures approx.:Length: 33 cm/ 13 inches Your questions […]

Bubbles, The Little Fish – Amigurumi Pattern

Bubbles The Little Fish

Bubbles, The Little Fish Bubbles is a colorful little fish who loves to spend all day swimming in its aquarium. It’s fast to work up… You can have it done in a couple of hours, but you will love it for life 🙂 Measures aprox:Height: 11 cmLength: 20 cm Your questions are welcome! Burbujas, el […]