Rhinoceros Beetle – Amigurumi Pattern

Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle Which is the strongest animal on Earth? Many would say is the elephant….but they’re wrong! It is the rhinoceros beetle!!!!! and it’s so strong that’s capable to pick up 850 times it’s own weight…amazing, isn’t it?So, next time you need help for picking up something really heavy, don’t doubt it! This robust pal […]

Sir Charles Caterpillar – Amigurumi Pattern

Sir Charles Caterpillar

Sir Charles Caterpillar Sir Charles is a very important business-caterpillar of Garden city. He’s very smart and elegant and loves to spend the afternoons on the geraniums, sunbathing and drinking delicious flower cocktails. Measures approx.:Height: 17 cm (6.7 inches); Length: 20 cm (7.9 inches) Your questions are welcome! Sir Charles Oruga Sir Charles es una […]

Abby, The Ant – Amigurumi Pattern

Abby The Ant

Abby, The Ant It’s a beautiful sunny day and Abby is getting ready for a big picnic party in the country!!! She’s wearing her new dress and hat made from flowers she found in the garden and is thinking about all the delicacies she will eat with her friends 🙂 Measures approx.:21 cm/ 8.27 inches […]

Melvin, The Snail – Amigurumi Pattern

Melvin The Snail

Melvin, The Snail Hurry up and crochet this cool snail super fast before he runs into your garden!!! Measures approx.:Height: 17.5 cm/ 6.9 inches (from bottom to top of the eyes)Length: 25 cm/ 9.85 inches Your questions are welcome! Melvin, El Caracol ¡¡¡ApresĂşrate a tejer este simpático caracol antes de que escape a tu jardĂ­n!!! […]

Mr Mosquito – Amigurumi Pattern

Mr Mosquito

Mr Mosquito Bzzz, Bzzz, along came Mr. Mosquito!!! He won’t be itchy and he definitively won’t bite you, but he’ll be buzzing around the house all day long 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 18.5 cm Your questions are welcome! Sr. Mosquito Bzzz, Bzzz, aquĂ­ viene el Sr. Mosquito!!! No lo irritará o morderá, pero zumbará alrededor de […]

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 – Amigurumi Pattern

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 You will get 3 amigurumi patterns to crochet: Flowerpot and Bee Lilly Baby Butterfly Beeby Baby Bee Your questions are welcome! DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 Usted obtendrá 3 patrones amigurumi para tejer al crochet: – Maceta con flor y abejita– Lilly Mariposita BebĂ©– Beeby Abejita BebĂ© Sus consultas son bienvenidas! Pictures

Beeby Baby Bee – Amigurumi Pattern

Beeby Baby Bee

Beeby Baby Bee Beeby is Lilly’s best friend. They love to fly around the garden all day long! Measures aprox.High: 5 cmsLength: 9 cms Your questions are welcome! Beeby Abejita BebĂ© Beeby es la mejor amiga de Lilly. Les encanta volar todo el dĂ­a por el jardĂ­n! Medidas aprox.Alto: 5 cmsLargo: 9 cms Sus consultas […]

Lilly Baby Butterfly – Amigurumi Pattern

Lilly Baby Butterfly

Lilly Baby Butterfly Lilly is a baby butterfly who wants to be around your garden. With this DeliciousCrochet pattern you can have your own baby butterfly in any color you like! Measures aprox.High: 5 cmsLength: 9 cms Your questions are welcome! Lilly Mariposita Lilly es una mariposita bebĂ© que quiere estar en tu jardĂ­n. Con […]

Betsy, The Spider – Amigurumi Pattern

Betsy The Spider

Betsy, The Spider Crochet pattern for making this cute little spider named Betsy, who wants to be your friend forever! Measures aprox.:7 cm Your questions are welcome! Betsy, La Araña Patrón de Crochet para tejer a Betsy, esta simpática arañita que quiere ser tu amiga por siempre! Medidas aprox.:7 cm Sus consultas son bienvenidas!