Nautilus, The Submarine – Amigurumi Pattern

Nautilus The Submarine

Nautilus, The Submarine Nautilus is a super cool submarine with a gipsy heart. He loves to travel around the Globe, diving from one continent to another to discover new creatures in underwater forests, visiting coral reefs and playing with the colorful fish. If you love sea creatures and have an … Read more

T-Rex – Amigurumi Pattern


T-Rex Is your back yard big enough to shelter another pet????? Don’t be afraid of the mean look on his face, because this t-rex is very sweet and gentile. And he won’t bite you either, unless you forget to feed him with lots of love and hugs 🙂 Measures approx.:25 … Read more

Baby Pterosaur – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Pterosaur

Baby Pterosaur Breaking News!!!!A baby pterosaur has been found and he’s looking for a new mommy!!!! If you’re willing to give this cutie a new home, full of love and care, now is your chance to do so! With this crochet pattern, you can have this Jurassic baby at home … Read more

Ace, The Airplane – Amigurumi Pattern

Ace The Airplane

Ace, The Airplane Throw your crochet to the wind and turn your heart into a landing runway for this adorable airplane! Measures approx.:Height: 6.3 inchesLength: 10.25 inchesWidth: 11 inches Your questions are welcome! Ace, El Aeroplano Lance su tejido al viento y convierta su corazón en una pista de aterrizaje … Read more

Little Car – Amigurumi Pattern

Little Car

Little Car This cute little car is the perfect gift for your Little Prince and it will look fabulous in any color you like! You can have it done in a couple of hours and your kid will enjoy it forever 🙂PS: Do not crochet while driving lol Measures approx.:Lenght: … Read more

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