Duckie Duck – Amigurumi Pattern

Duckie Duck

Duckie Duck Swimming, this activity just reserved for exclusive people. Just for those with privileged bodies to slide into the water, those with yellow bellies and rounded figures… Dive into the adventure of crocheting this wonderful duck and its swimming gear 🙂 Measures approx.:12 inches tall Your questions are welcome! … Read more

Czornomaz, The Pirate – Amigurumi Pattern

Czornomaz The Pirate

Czornomaz, The Pirate If you were a little bird…wouldn’t you hire a wild pirate as safeguard?PS: watch over your cat, this sweet little bird has a bodyguard! Measures approx.:12 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Pirata Czornomaz Si Ud. fuera un pequeño pajarito, acaso no contrataría a un salvaje Pirata … Read more

Barn Owl – Amigurumi Pattern

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Barn owls are meant to be mates for life! So, if you are looking for a lifetime companion, this is your chance to crochet this cute little bird who will keep you companied forever:) Measures approx.:6.3 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Lechuza de Campanario Las Lechuzas de … Read more

Evan, The Rooster – Amigurumi Pattern

Evan The Rooster

Evan, The Rooster It doesn’t have the skills of an eagle nor the agility of a hawk; It doesn’t have the tenderness of a canary nor the melodious tweeting of a nightingale; In fact, its noisy crowing could be annoying in a sunday morning… but, have you ever seen a … Read more

Olga, The Ostrich – Amigurumi Pattern

Olga The Ostrich

Olga, The Ostrich Are you fast enough to catch this adorable ostrich?? Hurry up and take your hook out before she runs off the store!! Measures approx.:Height: 15 inches stand/ 10 inches sit. Your questions are welcome! Olga, El Avestruz ¿¿Eres lo suficientemente rápida para atrapar a este avestruz?? Apresúrate … Read more

Freddy Krueger Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Freddy Krueger Tux

Freddy Krueger Tux 1, 2… Freddy’s coming for you3, 4… Better lock your door5, 6… Grab your crucifix7, 8… Better stay up late9, 10… Never sleep again! Measures approx.:Height: 17.5 cm/ 6.9 inches from bottom to the tip of the hat. Your questions are welcome! Freddy Krueger Tux 1, 2… … Read more

Santa Tux and his Elves – Amigurumi Pattern

Santa Tux and Elves

Santa Tux and his Elves Have you been a good crocheter this year??? If you have, you deserve to have Santa Tux and his Elves at home for this Christmas 🙂 Measures approx.:Santa Tux: 12 cm/ 4.7 inches without hatElves: 6 cm/ 2.35 inches without hat Your questions are welcome! … Read more

Horned Owl – Amigurumi Pattern

Horned Owl

Horned Owl Crochet your own luck with this friendly little owl, who will keep you accompanied at all time. Measures aprox.:Height: 19 cm Your questions are welcome! Búho Teja su propia suerte con este amistoso búho, que la mantendrá acompañada en todo momento. Medidas aprox.:Altura: 19 cm Sus consultas son … Read more

Spartan Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Spartan Tux

Spartan Tux The legend was wrong…there were 301 spartans 🙂 Measures aprox:Height: 12 cm (without the helmet’s plume) Your questions are welcome! Tux Espartano La leyenda estaba equivocada…habían 301 espartanos 🙂 Medidas aprox.:Alto: 12 cms (sin las plumas del casco) Sus consultas son bienvenidas! Pictures

Eggs in a Basket – Amigurumi Pattern

Eggs is a Basket

Eggs in a Basket This wonderful set includes the patterns for: basket, eggs, chicks and little color eggs. Measures aprox:Basket: 14 cmEggs and chicks: 7 cmLittle color eggs: 3.5 cm Your questions are welcome! Canasta de Huevos Este maravilloso set incluye los patrones de: canasta, huevos, pollitos y huevitos de … Read more

Hawaiian Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Hawaiian Tux

Hawaiian Tux Tux the Penguin, is the official mascot of the Linux Kernel.This cute mascot is very popular on the internet. Also, many people put different customs to it, making their own versions of Tux. I want to introduce you to Hawaiian Tux, my first amigurumi Tux (from many, I … Read more

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