Agustina Ballerina – Amigurumi Pattern

Agustina Ballerina

Agustina Ballerina Agustina is a sweet little girl who dreams to become a professional ballet dancer. Always dressed in her gorgeous tutu and pointe shoes, she dances all around the house performing pirouettes and imagining a crowded theater in-love with her art 🙂 Measures approx.:11 inches tall in standing position8 … Read more

Ballerina Hippo – Amigurumi Pattern

Ballerina Hippo

Ballerina Hippo The lights of the theatre turn out and the music starts… The lights on the stage are so bright!!! When the curtains open there she is…Bella, in her gorgeous pink tutu, dancing “The Dying Swam”. Her natural grace and soft movements invite us to dream along with the … Read more

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