Olivia, The Dachshund Puppy

Olivia The Dachshund Puppy

Olivia, The Dachshund Puppy This amigurumi pattern includes the instructions for crocheting Olivia the Dachshund Puppy! Measures approx.:7 inches tall/ 8 inches long Your questions are welcome! Olivia, La Perrita Salchicha Este patrón de crochet incluye las instrucciones para tejer a Olivia la perrita salchicha! Medidas aprox.:18cm de alto/ 20cm … Read more

Theo The Turtle – Amigurumi Pattern

Theo The Turtle Amigurumi Pattern

Theo The Turtle This amigurumi pattern includes the instructions for crocheting Theo The Turtle Amigurumi and its removable shell! Measures approx.: Using DK or Sports acrylic yarn with a 2.5mm hook, Theo The Turtle is 10 inches tall. Theo La Tortuga Este patrón de crochet incluye las instrucciones para tejer … Read more

Count Dracula – Amigurumi Pattern

Count Dracula

Count Dracula Dracula is one of my favorite characters from literature and horror movies, with his long cape and sharp teeth willing to bite the neck of some unsuspecting. Now, with this new DeliciousCrochet pattern, you can crochet your own Count Dracula, to decorate your home or to give to … Read more

Cynder, The Dragon – Amigurumi Pattern

Cynder the Dragon

Cynder, The Dragon This cute dragon was inspired in Cynder, one of the characters from The Legend of Spyro and is a perfect gift for any dragon enthusiast! If you love dragons or are a big fan of Dawn of the Dragon, now you can crochet your own Cynder with … Read more

Lenny, The Lemur – Amigurumi Pattern

Lenny The Lemur

Lenny, The Lemur From the exotic lands of Madagascar, here comes this cute ring-tailed buddy to bring joy and laughter to your home…are you going to miss it? Measures approx.:11.4 inches in standing position8.5 inches in sitting position Your questions are welcome! Lenny, El Lemur De las éxoticas tierras de … Read more

Barry, The Pug – Amigurumi Pattern

Barry The Pug

Barry, The Pug Do you just LOVE everything about pugs? Those huge round eyes, dark wrinkled face and chubby butt? If the answer is YES, this is the perfect companion for you! So, don’t wait any longer and start crocheting your own BFF with this DeliciousCrochet pattern 🙂 Measures approx.:7.5 … Read more

Miliki, The Clown – Amigurumi Pattern

Miliki The Clown

Miliki, The Clown Handsome Clown out for adoption!All the animals escaped, the dwarfs got too tall…so I’m not longer in the Circus.I have crossed eyes, a big red nose, some colorful curls and a sexy outfit highlighting my chubby body…I know, I’m simply irresistible!But on top of all my virtues … Read more

Peter, The Doll – Amigurumi Pattern

Peter The Doll

Peter, The Doll This sweet little boy named Peter is the perfect companion for any kid! He’s super fun and has long 4-ways-jointed limbs! Though he has an adorable and innocent face, does lots of pranks, making every day a special day! Measures approx.:12.5 inches tall standing position8 inches tall … Read more

Agustina Ballerina – Amigurumi Pattern

Agustina Ballerina

Agustina Ballerina Agustina is a sweet little girl who dreams to become a professional ballet dancer. Always dressed in her gorgeous tutu and pointe shoes, she dances all around the house performing pirouettes and imagining a crowded theater in-love with her art 🙂 Measures approx.:11 inches tall in standing position8 … Read more

FlowerPower Bus – Amigurumi Pattern

FlowerPower Bus

FlowerPower Bus …Wouldn’t it be nice if we were olderThen we wouldn’t have to wait so longAnd wouldn’t it be nice to live togetherIn the kind of world where we belong… What a great Beach Boys’ song! It can almost be heard coming out from this cute Flower Power Bus, … Read more

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