Looney Mule – Amigurumi Pattern

Looney Mule

Looney Mule The first time that I saw the emule software’s logo, I totally felt in love with that sweet but crazy little mule. Now I finally made it for myself 🙂 and wrote down the pattern. I hope you like it! Measures aprox.:Height: 24 cm (including the ears) Your … Read more

Horned Owl – Amigurumi Pattern

Horned Owl

Horned Owl Crochet your own luck with this friendly little owl, who will keep you accompanied at all time. Measures aprox.:Height: 19 cm Your questions are welcome! Búho Teja su propia suerte con este amistoso búho, que la mantendrá acompañada en todo momento. Medidas aprox.:Altura: 19 cm Sus consultas son … Read more

Baby Turtle – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Turtle

Baby Turtle My heart is bigger than my shell. The speed doesn´t scare me, just makes me feel dizzy. I love lettuce, but I prefer a cheese burger. I’m not so fast, but in a few hours I can be with you and stay forever 🙂 Measures aprox.:Baby Turtle: 15cmLawn: … Read more

Mini Tea Set – Amigurumi Pattern

Mini Tea Set

Mini Tea Set With this Miniature Tea Set your little princess can give her dolls a Tea Party in her doll’s house 🙂 This set includes pattern for tea pot, sugar pot, teacup, plate, cupcakes’ plate and cupcackes. Measures aprox:Tea pot: 8.5 cmSugar pot: 5.5 cmTeacup: 2.5 cmPlate: 4.5 cm … Read more

Spartan Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Spartan Tux

Spartan Tux The legend was wrong…there were 301 spartans 🙂 Measures aprox:Height: 12 cm (without the helmet’s plume) Your questions are welcome! Tux Espartano La leyenda estaba equivocada…habían 301 espartanos 🙂 Medidas aprox.:Alto: 12 cms (sin las plumas del casco) Sus consultas son bienvenidas! Pictures

Skippy, The Puppy – Amigurumi Pattern

Skippy The Puppy

Skippy, The Puppy This little puppy is really hungry! He’s preparing to eat his meal. Don’t let that innocent pretty face and sweet big eyes trick you…he is really naughty and is going to make a mess in your bedroom 🙂 Measures aprox:Skippy: 18 cmMeatbone: 11 cm (lenght) Your questions … Read more

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 – Amigurumi Pattern

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1

DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 You will get 3 amigurumi patterns to crochet: Flowerpot and Bee Lilly Baby Butterfly Beeby Baby Bee Your questions are welcome! DeliciousCrochet Pack 1 Usted obtendrá 3 patrones amigurumi para tejer al crochet: – Maceta con flor y abejita– Lilly Mariposita Bebé– Beeby Abejita Bebé Sus consultas … Read more

Hawaiian Tux – Amigurumi Pattern

Hawaiian Tux

Hawaiian Tux Tux the Penguin, is the official mascot of the Linux Kernel.This cute mascot is very popular on the internet. Also, many people put different customs to it, making their own versions of Tux. I want to introduce you to Hawaiian Tux, my first amigurumi Tux (from many, I … Read more

The 3 Oriental Mushrooms – Amigurumi Pattern

3 Oriental Mushrooms

The 3 Oriental Mushrooms Mooshy, Mooshka and Kiki, the 3 Oriental Mushrooms, recently came out of the forest to teach you karate. This pattern includes how to make each one of the 3 mushrooms. Measures aprox.Mooshy (the tallest): 16.5 cmsMooshka (the fatest): 15 cmsKiki (the shortest): 11 cms Your questions … Read more

Carnivorous Plant – Amigurumi Pattern

Carnivorous Plant

Carnivorous Plant Be Careful! A Carnivorous Plant was released to make a mess in your house! Make your own carnivorous plant and have some fun! Measures aprox.High: 20 cm Your questions are welcome! Planta Carnívora Cuidado! Una Planta Carnívora fue liberada para hacer un desastre en su casa! Diviertase haciendo … Read more

Baby Nuke – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Nuke

Baby Nuke This crochet pattern, Baby Nuke, was inspired in PHP-Nuke CMS.Measures aprox. Width: 7.87 inchesHigh: 6.69 inches Your questions are welcome! Nuke Bebé Este patrón, Nuke Bebé, está inspirado en el CMS PHP-Nuke. Medidas aprox.Alto: 17cmsAncho: 20cms Sus consultas son bienvenidas!

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