Donnie, The Mouse – Amigurumi Pattern

Donnie The Mouse

Donnie, The Mouse This little mouse named Donnie is really hungry, and is walking around the kitchen trying to find something to eat…. It looks like he found something… Yeap, he did!!! He found a delicious piece of cheese, yummy !!!! Measures approx.:Height: 20 cm/ 7.88 inches tall Your questions … Read more

Abby, The Ant – Amigurumi Pattern

Abby The Ant

Abby, The Ant It’s a beautiful sunny day and Abby is getting ready for a big picnic party in the country!!! She’s wearing her new dress and hat made from flowers she found in the garden and is thinking about all the delicacies she will eat with her friends 🙂 … Read more

Ballerina Hippo – Amigurumi Pattern

Ballerina Hippo

Ballerina Hippo The lights of the theatre turn out and the music starts… The lights on the stage are so bright!!! When the curtains open there she is…Bella, in her gorgeous pink tutu, dancing “The Dying Swam”. Her natural grace and soft movements invite us to dream along with the … Read more

Bunny Rabbits – Amigurumi Pattern

Bunny Rabbits

Bunny Rabbits Spring time is just around the corner and Whitey and Bernie, these cute and funny long-eared bunnies, are in the middle of their trip to the farm to get their most favorite meal in the whole world…sweet carrots…YUMMY!!! Measures approx.:Big Bunny Rabbit (white): 18 cm/ 7.1 inches from … Read more

Kevin, The Koala – Amigurumi Pattern

Kevin The Koala

Kevin, The Koala Who could resist this cutie with adorable fuzzy ears???!!! Kevin is a sweet little koala who loves hugging and wants to give you his heart forever 🙂 Measures approx.:Koala: 13.5 cm/ 5.3 inches tallHeart: 8 cm/ 3.15 inches tall and 9 cm/ 3.55 inches wide. Your questions … Read more

Eugene, The Mole – Amigurumi Pattern

Eugene The Mole

Eugene, The Mole This chubby little mole named Eugene looooves vegetables, especially carrots. Don’t let him dig more and more messing around your garden, just crochet him a couple of carrots to make him a very happy mole 🙂 Measures approx.:Mole: 20.5 cm (8 inches) from bottom to top of … Read more

Melvin, The Snail – Amigurumi Pattern

Melvin The Snail

Melvin, The Snail Hurry up and crochet this cool snail super fast before he runs into your garden!!! Measures approx.:Height: 17.5 cm/ 6.9 inches (from bottom to top of the eyes)Length: 25 cm/ 9.85 inches Your questions are welcome! Melvin, El Caracol ¡¡¡Apresúrate a tejer este simpático caracol antes de … Read more

Christmas Tree and Presents – Amigurumi Pattern

Christmas Tree and Presents

Christmas Tree and Presents Christmas is coming along really fast!! It’s time to start decorating your home and office. This fuzzy Christmas tree is decorated with different kinds of ornaments, and it also has tiny presents under it. It will look fabulous on your Christmas table or in any place … Read more

Santa Tux and his Elves – Amigurumi Pattern

Santa Tux and Elves

Santa Tux and his Elves Have you been a good crocheter this year??? If you have, you deserve to have Santa Tux and his Elves at home for this Christmas 🙂 Measures approx.:Santa Tux: 12 cm/ 4.7 inches without hatElves: 6 cm/ 2.35 inches without hat Your questions are welcome! … Read more

Lupita Chihuahua – Amigurumi Pattern

Lupita Chihuahua

Lupita Chihuahua Who can resist this sweet Little face?! Lupita is a cute Chihuahua in a lovely hot-pink turtle neck sweater! She loves pink…but most of all, she loves eating bone cookies 🙂 Measures approx.:Lupita: 19.5 cm (7.7 inches) heightPlate: 4.5 cm (1.77 inches) height; 9 cm (3.55 inches) diameterBone … Read more

Vladimir, The Bat – Amigurumi Pattern

Vladimir The Bat

Vladimir, The Bat If your nights are too long, who could be a better companion that this little bat who loves the night 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 23 cm (from feet to the top of the ears) Your questions are welcome! Vladimir, El Murciélago Si tus noches son demasiado largas, que … Read more

Waldo, The Elephant – Amigurumi Pattern

Waldo The Elephant

Waldo, The Elephant Waldo is an elephant who’s giving luck to whoever crochets him. Win the lottery with Waldo!!!… Meet the love of your life with Waldo!!! … just kidding 🙂 I don’t know if Waldo will give you luck (I already bought a lottery ticket, just in case), but … Read more

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