Baby Porcupine – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Porcupine Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Porcupine This amigurumi pattern includes the instructions for crocheting a Baby Porcupine/ Hedgehog Amigurumi! Measures approx.: Using DK or Sports acrylic yarn with a 2.5mm hook, Baby Porcupine is 5 inches tall. Bebé Puercoespín Este patrón de crochet incluye las instrucciones para tejer un Bebé Puercoespín/ Erizo! Medidas aprox.: … Read more

Mini Pig – Amigurumi Pattern

Mini Pig

Mini Pig This mini pig is too sweet and adorable and it’s a perfect gift for any animal lover! If you are crazy about pigs or have a pig’s lover in your life, this is the perfect pattern for you. So pick up your crochet hook and start enjoying this … Read more

Rhinoceros Beetle – Amigurumi Pattern

Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle Which is the strongest animal on Earth? Many would say is the elephant….but they’re wrong! It is the rhinoceros beetle!!!!! and it’s so strong that’s capable to pick up 850 times it’s own weight…amazing, isn’t it?So, next time you need help for picking up something really heavy, don’t … Read more

Angelo, The Angelfish – Amigurumi Pattern

Angelo The Angelfish

Angelo, The Angelfish Have you ever dreamed of having a zebra?…Well, keep on dreaming because this time we wish to introduce you to Angelo, an Angelfish, who has nothing to do with zebras, but has a cute little striped body 🙂 Measures approx.:9 inches tall10 inches long Your questions are … Read more

Frosty, The Snowman – Amigurumi Pattern

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty, The Snowman Love to play in the snow, but you’re so cozy and warm inside your home that you just won’t come out? No problem! Now you can crochet your own snowman without getting cold in your garden. And no melts, it’s guaranteed 🙂 Measures approx.:7 inches tall Your … Read more

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal – Amigurumi Pattern

Sir Nicolas The Narwhal

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal Narwhals must be one of the most rare and fascinating sea creatures. Acording to Inuit mythology, the narwhals were created when a woman, who was hunting whales, was dragged into the ocean after her harpoon had struck a large animal. Then, she was transformed into a … Read more

Barn Owl – Amigurumi Pattern

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Barn owls are meant to be mates for life! So, if you are looking for a lifetime companion, this is your chance to crochet this cute little bird who will keep you companied forever:) Measures approx.:6.3 inches tall Your questions are welcome! Lechuza de Campanario Las Lechuzas de … Read more

Nautilus, The Submarine – Amigurumi Pattern

Nautilus The Submarine

Nautilus, The Submarine Nautilus is a super cool submarine with a gipsy heart. He loves to travel around the Globe, diving from one continent to another to discover new creatures in underwater forests, visiting coral reefs and playing with the colorful fish. If you love sea creatures and have an … Read more

Bottlenose Dolphin – Amigurumi Pattern

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin This sweet and gentle sea-creature comes right from the ocean to your home!! If you LOVE dolphins or have a dolphin’s lover in your life, this is the perfect pattern for you. So pick up your crochet hook and start enjoying this cute friend 🙂 Measures approx.:Length: 33 … Read more

Teddy Bear – Amigurumi Pattern

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Within a few hours, receive a big hug from this vintage-inspired teddy bear with this easy and fast pattern. Fast, easy and super cute, this four-ways jointed little fellow will fill your afternoons with love and tenderness. Measures approx.:7.3 inches in standing position; 6 inches in sitting position … Read more

Sir Charles Caterpillar – Amigurumi Pattern

Sir Charles Caterpillar

Sir Charles Caterpillar Sir Charles is a very important business-caterpillar of Garden city. He’s very smart and elegant and loves to spend the afternoons on the geraniums, sunbathing and drinking delicious flower cocktails. Measures approx.:Height: 17 cm (6.7 inches); Length: 20 cm (7.9 inches) Your questions are welcome! Sir Charles … Read more

Mr. Tree – Amigurumi Pattern

Mr Tree

Mr. Tree Spring is already here and all the flowers are blooming and the trees are getting green again. Mr. Tree is soooo happy because, apart from his new green and bright crown, he’s gotten a new cool tattoo from a sweet couple the other day 🙂 Measures approx.:Height: 25 … Read more

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