Aqua The Mermaid

Aqua, The Mermaid – Amigurumi Pattern

Aqua, The Mermaid Mermaids are one of the mythological creatures that most fascination aroused in mankind since ancient times. Owners of an enchanting voice and beauty, were the main characteres

Sir Nicolas The Narwhal

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal – Amigurumi Pattern

Sir Nicolas, The Narwhal Narwhals must be one of the most rare and fascinating sea creatures. Acording to Inuit mythology, the narwhals were created when a woman, who was hunting

Wild Boar

Wild Boar – Amigurumi Pattern

Wild Boar Despite of his somewhat hostile aspect, this wild boar is actually super tender and affable. His chubby appearance shows what are his most favorite hobbies in the whole

Baby Helicopter

Baby Helicopter – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Helicopter This baby helicopter seems a bit lost and is looking for a landing place in his new mommy’s heart. Lead this cutie in the right direction by following

Randy The Raccoon

Randy, The Raccoon – Amigurumi Pattern

Randy, The Raccoon Breaking News!!!!! Famous criminal “Randy the Raccoon” escaped from federal prision this afternoon. Authorities informed he has been included among the Top-ten of most wanted criminals. Randy

Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome – Amigurumi Pattern

Garden Gnome Who says that gnomes and fairies are just part of bedtime stories? If you are young at heart and that little child is still inside of you, bring