Moe The Mammoth

Moe, the Mammoth – Amigurumi Pattern

Moe, the Mammoth Did you always want to have your own Mammoth? You don’t have to travel all the way to the Artic to find you a frozen one. Just

FlowerPower Bus

FlowerPower Bus – Amigurumi Pattern

FlowerPower Bus …Wouldn’t it be nice if we were olderThen we wouldn’t have to wait so longAnd wouldn’t it be nice to live togetherIn the kind of world where we

Joe The Camel

Joe, The Camel – Amigurumi Pattern

Joe, The Camel From the mysterious golden desert along came this cute camel named Joe and he wants to be your friend forever 🙂Note: Joe is 4 ways jointed! So

Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle – Amigurumi Pattern

Rhinoceros Beetle Which is the strongest animal on Earth? Many would say is the elephant….but they’re wrong! It is the rhinoceros beetle!!!!! and it’s so strong that’s capable to pick

Chloe The Doll

Chloe, The Doll – Amigurumi Pattern

Chloe, The Doll This super sweet doll named Chloe and her bunny, are just perfect for any little girl! Surprise that little princess in your life with these 4-ways-jointed cuties,

Peppermint The Pegasus

Peppermint, The Pegasus – Amigurumi Pattern

Peppermint, The Pegasus Looking for bringing more style into your life? Don’t keep on buying expensive dresses or jewelery, leave your Mercedes into the garage and go riding around your