Barry The Pug

Barry, The Pug – Amigurumi Pattern

Barry, The Pug Do you just LOVE everything about pugs? Those huge round eyes, dark wrinkled face and chubby butt? If the answer is YES, this is the perfect companion

Robbie Robot

Robbie Robot – Amigurumi Pattern

Robbie Robot This super cute robot named Robbie is the perfect companion for any little boy or sci-fi fan! He has a very flexible body and is 4-ways-jointed! Don’t wait

Howie The Airplane

Howie, The Airplane – Amigurumi Pattern

Howie, The Airplane Surfing clouds, up and down, Howie travels across the sky. Always happy, always shines, from the chubby clouds into your arms 🙂 Measures approx.:10 inches long6 inches

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf – Amigurumi Pattern

Big Bad Wolf This cute little wolf is one of the Fairy Tales’ “bad boys”… Rumor has he blew down the 3 little pigs houses just for fun, or even