Joseph The Tractor

Joseph The Tractor – Amigurumi Pattern

Joseph, The Tractor The cockcrow warns it’s already dawn and Joseph in a hurry is off to work. His wheels go round and round, the little tractor plows the fields

Candy The Unicorn

Candy The Unicorn – Amigurumi Pattern

Candy Unicorn Candy is a super cute and huggable 4 ways-jointed little unicorn! And it’s the perfect gift for any little girl or unicorn enthusiast. This pattern is super detailed

Mini Pig

Mini Pig – Amigurumi Pattern

Mini Pig This mini pig is too sweet and adorable and it’s a perfect gift for any animal lover! If you are crazy about pigs or have a pig’s lover

Little Monkey

Little Monkey – Amigurumi Pattern

Little Monkey This little monkey is the perfect gift for any animal lover. He is so sweet and gentle and looks adorable with his big round eyes! If you LOVE

Seamus The Seahorse

Seamus, The Seahorse – Amigurumi Pattern

Seamus, The Seahorse Let me introduce you to Seamus, this sweet and gentle seahorse, who comes right from the ocean to your home!! If you LOVE seahorses or have a

Count Dracula

Count Dracula – Amigurumi Pattern

Count Dracula Dracula is one of my favorite characters from literature and horror movies, with his long cape and sharp teeth willing to bite the neck of some unsuspecting. Now,