Happy Train

Happy Train – Amigurumi Pattern

Happy Train Choo! choo!… the Happy Train is going full speed down the line! Choo! Choo!…the Happy Train is departing from your yarn basket directly to your arms! Measures approx.:Length:

Polly The Doll

Polly, The Doll – Amigurumi Pattern

Polly, The Doll This cutie named Polly will put a big smile on your little princess’ face! Her long 4-ways-jointed limbs and shaggy hair make her so adorable and fun

Panda Bears

Panda Bears – Amigurumi Pattern

Panda Bears Aren’t Panda Bears’ one of the most sweetest critters in the world? These papa and baby bear are just too cute for words! If you just love Pandas,

Baby Triceratops

Baby Triceratops – Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Triceratops Do you think the horns of a triceratops are dangerous? If you still do is because you haven’t seen this baby’s gentil eyes! you can run away but

Evan The Rooster

Evan, The Rooster – Amigurumi Pattern

Evan, The Rooster It doesn’t have the skills of an eagle nor the agility of a hawk; It doesn’t have the tenderness of a canary nor the melodious tweeting of

Classic Car

Classic Car – Amigurumi Pattern

Classic Car 16 valves engine, aluminium auto body, airbags…this would be some of the features any modern car has to offer you nowadays. Nevertheless, this all times classic doesn’t have