American Bison – Amigurumi Pattern

American Bison

From the great grasslands of North America, along came this magnificent and noble bison to bring some wildness into your life! So take your hook out and start crocheting this gorgeous shaggy friend who will keep you warm in winter time 🙂

Measures approx.:
Height: 19 cm (7.5 inches)
Lenght: 23 cm (9 inches)

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Bisonte Americano

Desde los grandes prados de Norte América llega este magnífico y noble bisonte para traer un toque salvaje a su vida! Entonces saque su ganchillo de crochet y comience a tejer a este hermoso y peludo amigo que la mantendrá calentita en invierno 🙂

Medidas aprox.:
Alto: 19 cm (7,5 pulgadas)
Largo: 23 cm (9 pulgadas)

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  1. I have this pattern but having trouble understanding. On head “. xxxxxxx I must not be understanding correctly the directions. Can you help me before I pull my hair out (LOL). I have been working on this all afternoon and keep having to take out and restart. Thank you!

    • Hi! Thank you for contacting. Please complete our support request form adding your username/email address in order to get assistance.
      Have a nice day,
      Paola 🙂


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