Elton, The Sheep - Amigurumi Pattern

Elton, The Sheep - Amigurumi Pattern Counting sheeps could be a great method to fall asleep but…. wouldn’t be nicer to hug one of those sweet curly pals? With this pattern you can have Elton at home to be your dreams’ pal forever!

Measures approx.:
Height: 27 cm (10.7 inches) sit; 36 cm (14.2 inches) stand

This pattern is available in English or Spanish Language. You can buy it and download it from our Delicious Store.

Your questions are welcome!

La Oveja Elton

Contar ovejas puede ser un buen método para conciliar el sueño pero…no sería mejor poder abrazar a una? Con este patrón podrá tener a Elton en su casa para ser su compañero de sueños por siempre!

Medidas aprox.:
Altura: 27 cm sentado, 36 cm parado

Este patrón está disponible en idioma Inglés o Español y puede adquirirlo y descargarlo automáticamente en nuestro Delicious Store.

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Another great pattern. I have been looking everyday for the last week and today finally I found Elton. He is so lovely, I have already bought the pattern. Seems a bit tricky with the loop stich but I will try. I have now finished Vladimir and will start with another project.
Ulrica , November 05, 2008
Paola Navarro
Hi Ulrica!!!
I'm so glad you like it!!! I included a Loop Stitch Tutorial with photos in the pattern and also I uploaded a video tutorial here. The loop stitch is easier than it loops and once you get into the flow, it works up fast smilies/smiley.gif
Paola Navarro , November 05, 2008
Dear Paola!
Are You working on a new pattern? I am curious to see what challenge You will give us next time. Best regards Ulrica
Ulrica , November 18, 2008
Paola Navarro
Hi Ulrica!!!
Is great to hear from you!
Yes, actually I'm working in a new pattern but is a surprise smilies/wink.gif
Paola Navarro , November 18, 2008
Hi Paola!
It Ok. I just want to know that I have something to look forward to. Yesterday i finished baby turtle and now I am Working on a nativity manger from Gourmet crochet. But when that is finished i will make a try for Elton.
Best wishes Ulrica
Ulrica , November 19, 2008
Paola Navarro
Oh, I'd love to see some pics of your finished toys!!!! I'm sure they're wonderful!
Don't keep too bussy because my new pattern is going to be released really soon smilies/smiley.gif
Paola Navarro , November 19, 2008
OOO I can't wait!! smilies/cheesy.gif Thank You for the updated granny file. I will try to take some pics to show You of Vladimir, baby turtle, Annie and Bianca and Guardian angel.
Best wishes Ulrica
Ulrica , November 20, 2008
I made it!
I fell in love with Elton instantly, but I made him to fit me.... I made him a black sheep! LOL! He turned out VERY nice and I have people wanting one for their birthdays already! I whipped him up in about 2 nights (hey, I'm hookin AND chasing a 3yr old and 11yr old around!) so once you get the hang of the loop stitch, it goes very quickly! Another awesome pattern!!!!smilies/grin.gif
Caroline , November 23, 2008
Paola Navarro
Oh!!!! I'd love to see pics of your Elton!!!! I'm sure it is lovely smilies/smiley.gif
Let me tell you that you crochet really fast and with a 3 year old running around...Girl, you're amazing!!!!

Paola Navarro , November 23, 2008
Este patron tambien esta en español?
Y el costo cual es?
Desde ya muchas gracias
Carla , February 15, 2009 | url
Elton for my mum!
I finally finished Elton and gave it to my mum for her birthday - she absolutely adores it! I made him with grey wool and slightly droopier eyes (that was an accident), looks a bit like my mum! haha

Thanks Paola, your patterns are so clear and easy to understand!
Lizzee2 , March 26, 2009
Paola Navarro
Hi Lizzee2!
Thank you so much for your nice feedback!!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the pattern and I'm sure your mum was thrilled with her birthday present smilies/grin.gif
Paola Navarro , March 27, 2009
Maria Esperanza Bracco , October 30, 2013

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